Ski Slopes


An avalanche threatens Ski Slopes, destroying everything in its path, and your mission in this game is to help the snowman ski as fast as possible to escape the danger. 

Ski Slopes is a thrilling skiing simulation game that challenges players to conquer various mountains, each with unique terrain and obstacles. The game accommodates all skill levels, offering gentle slopes for beginners and steep, hazardous slopes for experts.

Your goal in Ski Slopes is to guide the snowman to escape the avalanche by skiing as fast as possible. Along the way, you'll encounter obstacles like logs and unexpected polar bears. Crashing into these obstacles will significantly increase the avalanche's speed, potentially burying you in snow within seconds. To avoid obstacles and earn points, jump as high as you can. Jumping on a polar bear's head will eliminate it, and performing flips while jumping will earn you bonus points.

Additionally, Ski Slopes feature coins scattered along the path. Collect as many coins as you can to upgrade the snowman's abilities in the store. With no finish line, the aim is to ski as far as possible.

How to play

  • Use the Spacebar to jump.
  • Use the arrow keys to perform tricks.

Join Ski Slopes now and help the snowman escape the avalanche. If you enjoy this game, be sure to check out Ski Jump, Skiing Dash, and Skiing Pets FRVR. Game on!

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