In the rolling world of the Slope, you will be taken on an adventure full of speed and tension. This is not just a game, but a challenge to your flexibility and reflexes. Each time you start, you will roll down an infinite path where unexpected obstacles will appear, requiring you to react quickly and flexibly. The rooftops with magical neon lights can make you dizzy and disoriented. You will be tasked with controlling a rolling ball that cannot be stopped. The goal is to keep the entity sliding from one location to another for as long as possible.

This classic game is not a new challenge at all. However, players will still be immersed in this familiar gameplay. Feel the thrill at every turn and ignite your passion to break your personal record and get started. Remember that anything with a red light can cause the balloon to explode. Besides, you need to try not to let the main entity fall off the rooftops. If another safe platform cannot be reached quickly, the ball will fall into the city, and the round ends.

How to play

Your ball will automatically roll at a speed that depends on the slope and other terrain on the main track. You use the left and right arrows to navigate objects. If you want to save your achievements, before entering the round, click on the "Login" box. Players can then take a tour of the scores of the top players in this challenge.

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