Tunnel Rush 2


Enter the colorful world of Tunnel Rush 2 and show off your divine improvisation skills! Are you ready for an adventure through roads filled with hazards? Then, step aboard the tiny spaceship and embark on this irreversible journey. Your mission is to navigate the spaceship through colored blocks of the same color as this main object. The blocks can be arranged in many different designs, but they do not affect the performance of the round. Also, try to collect sparkling gems to unlock other spaceships.

This skill-filled game requires players to concentrate to promptly control emergency situations. When moving across a transformation boundary, the color of the main entity changes. You need to quickly grasp that change to have the most accurate navigation. Levels with challenging terrain and pace will open one after another as you complete the previous one. Just one wrong collision can cause the round to restart. However, the arrangement of obstacles on the level will not change.

How to play

First, choose one of three difficulty levels: easy, medium, or hard. For new players, you should start with the most basic things.

You will not be able to manage the speed of the spaceship's movement. Instead, you simply navigate the entity left or right using the left and right arrow keys. Pay attention to the rotation of map designs to keep up with the pace and find ways to overcome them.

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