Downhill Chill


Participate in the thrilling racing tracks of Downhill Chill and prove your amazing racing abilities. Winter festivals and sports seasons are always the focus of attention. Competitions on snow-covered roads become even more beautiful. You will play the role of a professional skier. Each round, you will have to face a certain number of opponents. The goal is to win the top position in all of your competitions. Your performance at each level will be evaluated by the number of stars.

The bewitching season in Downhill Chill is a journey through 25 cold islands. Each island has a different number of stops, equivalent to the number of levels. You need to pass the previous level to unlock the next level. Note that you can only set foot on islands when you have the required number of stars. The challenges that players encounter are not simple. Let's clarify more about this sporty gameplay!

How to play

In the beautiful winter world, an extended ski season is held. You will be one of the athletes directly participating in these competitive rounds. Controlling the main character, players need to avoid barriers, manage the balance, and try to reach the finish line in first place.

To speed up, just hold down the left mouse button. At the same time, move the mouse to both sides to avoid danger. Once your athlete is in the air, you can click to rotate, adjust gravity and land.

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