Getting Over Snow


Getting Over Snow is the chilling journey of a character who is stuck. It's funny being stuffed into a small jar with a hammer as your only means of movement. You will need to control this strange character on cold and dangerous roads. Let the fire of passion melt the cold and harshness of winter. You will have the task of aligning the length of the hammer to choose an ideal fulcrum for the character to land on.

The characteristics of each type of terrain in Getting Over Snow are extremely diverse. Your character will be safe from contact with snowy slopes and dirt blocks. However, the hammer can only be inserted in places covered by ice and snow. It might be a bit funny, your virtual hammer can hit the obstacle, but the main character can't. Players can try their hand at checkpoint level or in non-stop mode. The sparkling gems throughout the journey will be the key to opening up new characters. Also, don't forget to check attendance to receive marvelous gifts every day.

How to play

Gamers hold down the mouse button to adjust the length of the hammer. Before that, players need to carefully analyze the terrain ahead and the landing point to make the most accurate turns. Once the tool has reached the desired length, you simply release your hand to let the character perform a special climbing action. To rescue trapped animals, you just need to precisely hit those cages with a hammer.

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