Skiing Pets FRVR


In Skiing Pets FRVR, be ready for an amazing snow trip with cute pets. Help them navigate a treacherous ski run down the mountain.

In the incredibly entertaining and thrilling skiing game Skiing Pets FRVR, you'll enter a snow-covered woodland. Additionally, guiding a lovely pet character as she skis down the mountain is your primary responsibility. It's not just your average skiing, though; in this game, you have to direct the character down the slopes in order to avoid obstacles and earn extra points. In addition, there are other barriers like trees and rocks that you must avoid in order to pass.

You will also need to gather stars and cash in Skiing Pets FRVR in order to level up your pets and gain additional points. Simple movement of the mouse left or right will cause your pet to roll down the slope, jumping obstacles in its path. Pay attention to the colors that the skateboard creates—green, blue, or red—because you need to go to the right gate with the same color as you cross the finish line. It's game over if you go to the incorrect colored gate. Set records for distance traveled, points collected, and money earned in Skiing Pets FRVR by moving forward now, dodging obstacles along the way!

With its vibrant, colorful graphics and straightforward, incredibly engaging action, Skiing Pets FRVR conjures up the enjoyable ambiance of a cartoon winter resort complete with adorable animals. Are you prepared to accept the challenge and demonstrate your pet's downhill prowess? Play right now!

How to play

  • Use your mouse to play this game.

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