Skiing Fred


Skiing Fred takes you through skiing through roads full of formidable dangers. Not simply the usual obstacle course experiences; do you dare to try it? Tricky barriers, thorny traps, or even cute animals can all be scary dangers. However, it is these difficulties that make the game experience more spectacular. Glide on snowy roads and try to achieve top results.

The adventure in Skiing Fred is a multi-level route. You will maneuver your character to collect skull coins, overcome rocks, traps, penguins, and so on. The accumulated coins will help you unlock a series of attractive features. You can buy new characters, diverse vehicles, classy abilities, or even open up a new world. Furthermore, performing daily tasks is also a way to help you improve your achievements.

How to play

This online snowboarding game has four challenge levels: easy, normal, hard, and nightmare. Equal to these difficulties is the overwhelming terrain design. You need to complete a certain number of levels of easier difficulty to unlock the harder one.

Players control the character left, right, and jumps with the following keys: the left arrow, the right arrow, and the spacebar. Pay attention to key combinations when performing aerial movements so that the character lands safely and continues.

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