Skiing Dash


Compete to become the best skier and demonstrate your skills to overcome challenging obstacles in Skiing Dash. There are slopes with lots of obstacles just waiting for you to explore!

The goal of Skiing Dash is to assist your courageous athlete character as she races down snow-capped mountain peaks, dodging several obstacles in her path to reach the finish line safely. There are numerous levels in this game where you can ski. The player's expertise will be needed as the game progresses at a faster rate as levels rise. 

You have to select a character at the beginning of Skiing Dash: a boy or a girl. They are all skilled skiers who are prepared for some incredible descents. To advance to the next level, you must cross a specific distance at the start of the first level.

Keep an eye out for the two bars—a distance bar and a health bar—at the top of the screen. The game will end if you are unable to conquer obstacles like logs, rocks, deep holes, trees, etc. Your health bar will also gradually run out. To keep from running into them, you must move deftly from side to side. There's a distance bar next to it that indicates how far you've come and how far you still have to go. Make an effort to cross the finish line without using up all of your health. To increase your point total and break records, play and complete as many levels as you can.

How to play

Use arrow keys to control actions:

  • Arrow up key to jump
  • Left/right arrow key to move to left/right.

Enjoy the amazing winter scenery while moving down the mountain in Skiing Dash and prove you are a true skiing master in this fun-filled game. If you love this type of game and want to explore more similar interesting games, don't miss Skiing Pets FRVR and Zigzag Snow Ski, many interesting challenges are waiting for you. Enjoy!

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