ZigZag Snow Ski


Take out on an exhilarating ski journey with Zigzag Snow Ski! Get ready to feel the ultimate adrenaline of winter sports as you skillfully and precisely weave through obstacles while navigating down perilous slopes.

Use your mouse or touch controls to maneuver your skier. It's your job to go down the mountain in a zigzag fashion while dodging obstacles like trees. But take note—the harder it gets, the more difficult it becomes!

With Zigzag Snow Ski, precision is more important than quickness. Move slowly through the course, being careful not to run into any obstacles. Learn how to smoothly land after jumps by modifying your angle in midair.

Gain significant skiing experience as you advance, and as you achieve great scores, move up the leaderboard. Get the most out of your turns and jumps by perfecting them for the ultimate snowy experience.

Accompany the skiers and master the slopes with Zigzag Snow Ski. Check out related games like Holmenkollen Ski Jump 1, Holmenkollen Ski Jump 2, and Roller Ski Queen for additional heart-pounding thrills. Are you prepared to chisel away at the mountain and reach victory?

How to play

To move your skier down the mountain, use the mouse or touch controls. 

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