Roller Ski Queen


Presenting Roller Ski Queen, the place where you can realize your ambition of being the world's greatest skater! Assume the persona of an elegant and charming skier who is driven to succeed on the ice. With style, glide across the rink and gather cash to unlock stunning new skins and ensembles that will really set you apart.

However, it's not all skating—or sailing, as it were! Make your way through a flurry of obstacles that could cause you to lose the game or, worse, slow down. When you jump over obstacles and steer clear of dangers to maintain your momentum, timing is key.

The difficulties get harder after every successful run, pushing your reflexes and agility to the limit. Can you step up to the plate and take the title of Roller Ski Queen properly?

Prepare to wow audiences with your Roller Ski Queen abilities! To move and speed your character, just use the left mouse button. Then, show off your impressive skating skills. Are you prepared to seize the spotlight and skate to triumph? Play now to find out!

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How to play

Press and hold the left mouse button to move and accelerate the character.

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