Ski Jump


You can become an extreme skier in Ski Jump and soar up to several hundred meters in the air. Experience is necessary, but courage is also needed because not all skilled athletes can accelerate at breakneck speed when leaping from a height and taking to the air. You will play as a skier in this game, where you can try out new roles and break records online. 

You will select your character when you first launch Ski Jump. You have two options: male and female. The road to the top of sports starts after selecting a character. Long and precise jumps are how bravery and talent are displayed in this game. The skier can be made to fly out by pressing the "Space Bar" after he has started to descend the mountain. To keep his balance and fly as far as he can while using his skateboard to capture the approaching air, the hero must control his tilt while in the air. Engage in endless play and performance, soar through the air and experience the thrill of ski jumping, or enter the competitive arena and vanquish every rival!

Game Tips: 

  • Please check the wind direction on the upper right before leaving. The wind frequently shifts in both direction and severity. Prior to jumping, estimate the wind's direction and strength as this may impact how far you can fly.
  • Try to maintain your skis as parallel to the slope as you can during the flight.
  • Points are given according to landing poise, flight style, and jump point.
  • The total of the distance and style points determines the score.
  • The total of the two scores from the two jumps determines the final score.

How to play

  • Hit the spacebar to start your descent.
  • To jump, press the spacebar at the end of the jump zone.
  • During flight, press the up and down arrow keys to maintain your position.

Can you become a champion in Ski Jump? Join now to get the answer. If you want to explore more similar games, don't miss Skiing Dash and Skiing Pets FRVR. Become the ultimate skier now!

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