Ski Jump FRVR


In Ski Jump FRVR, become the best skier ever with Santa Claus! As you assist Santa in descending the mountain and jumping off the ski slope, show him your amazing leaps. This exciting sport is full of obstacles that call for a high level of bravery and talent!

You must push your skier as fast as possible in Ski Jump FRVR in order to make the ideal jump. To glide gracefully and stay in the air for as long as possible, tilt Santa while he's in midair. While in the air, gather coins to purchase upgraded hoverboards or to receive flight bonuses and boosts.

Are you willing to take on the task of dominating Ski Jump FRVR? Take on an exhilarating, adrenaline-filled ski jumping journey by pushing your limits! Continue to play, get better, and break records with your most audacious leaps.

How to play

  • To interact, use your mouse.
  • To leap, press the Spacebar. 
  • To control, use the left and right arrow keys.

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