Ski Challenge 3D


Experience the thrill of Ski Challenge 3D, where you'll race against the clock and seven other rivals on a perilous ski course. As a professional skier, you will have to navigate a variety of hazards, such as big snowballs, retractable wooden poles, and even avalanches. Quick reactions are necessary to avoid these unanticipated perils and stay in the race. Leap across chasms and try to be the first to cross the finish line!

Certain sections of the track are covered in thick ice, allowing you to get ahead of your competitors. However, collisions with other skiers or barriers can briefly stun you. Your character has three lives, so limiting mistakes is critical. Collect gold money to acquire new snowboards with various designs.

How to play

  • Control your skier using your mouse.

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Ski Challenge 3D offers not only great fun but also a chance to learn the basics of skiing. For more thrilling skiing experiences, don't miss out on Ski Master 3D, Ski Slopes, and Skiing Dash.

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