Ski Master 3D


With Ski Master 3D, the most realistic skiing simulation game available, feel the rush of exhilaration! Take part in exhilarating ski races with the goal of finishing first. Your objective is to outwit rivals, stay clear of obstacles that would slow you down, and accelerate down hills.

Together with five other skiers, enter the race and use your quick reactions to maintain an advantage. You have three thrilling challenges to complete in each race: win three races, gather thirty coins, and use a boost once. Complete these missions by working your way through several levels to gain additional features.

During your races, gather coins to purchase sophisticated snowboards and fashionable caps. Gaining first place will allow you to purchase special skis and ski masks with your hefty incentives. Take part in daily tasks, spin the fortunate wheel, and win bonuses every day. Reach the summit and create new benchmarks on the scoreboard!

How to play

  • Press A/D to control
  • Use your mouse to jump or active powerup.

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