Drive Mad Winter


Drive Mad Winter is a captivating car driving simulation game set in a stunning winter wonderland. Explore a world full of interesting items, such as ice statues and snowmen. Take on the ten thrilling levels, each one harder than the previous. Utilize a variety of mechanisms to get past risky obstacles and traps, work out entertaining riddles, and cross the finish line to move on to the next level.
To accelerate and guide your car, use the accelerator and steering controls, respectively. Keep an eye out for other cars and obstructions while paying attention to the layout. To keep control while drifting at high speeds, release the accelerator and steer forcefully into tight curves.

The game ends when a vehicle crashes into walls, objects, or other cars. Remain alert, foresee potential hazards, and maintain control of your car to prevent collisions.

Earn cash or in-game goodies by placing well in races. With them, you can get access to more difficult tracks for a novel experience or unlock new cars with improved performance.

With breathtaking graphics, realistic physics, and intense gameplay, Drive Mad Winter offers an immersive racing experience. Can you handle the speed and become the ultimate racing champion?

How to play

  • Accelerate: Up Arrow / W
  • Brake/Reverse: Down Arrow / S
  • Steer Left: Left Arrow / A
  • Steer Right: Right Arrow / D
  • Nitro Boost: Spacebar / Shift
  • Pause: Esc

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