Taxi Driver Simulator


In Taxi Driver Simulator, take the wheel and go on a thrilling adventure through the busy cityscape! Your goal as a competent taxi driver is to quickly pick up and drop off customers at their locations.

To guarantee that your passengers have a smooth ride, navigate through the traffic maze, avoid obstructions, and abide by traffic signals. You can upgrade your taxi or unlock new cars from the garage, such as sporty sedans and tough SUVs, with the money you make from each successful journey.

Take in the genuine driving experience when you stroll through the lively streets and neighborhoods of the city. Every time spent behind the wheel is exciting and challenging, whether you're speeding against the clock or taking it easy as you cruise through town.

Players of all ages may get hours of engaging action out of Taxi Driver Simulator because of its beautiful graphics and simple controls. So fasten your seatbelts, step on the accelerator, and master the art of driving a cab in this exhilarating simulation game!

Are you prepared to take the journey of a lifetime? In Taxi Driver Simulator, click to get going and begin your journey now!

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How to play

  • To drive, click.
  • To stop driving, release the mouse.
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