Off Road Overdrive


Off Road Overdrive is a side-scrolling car balancing game with incredibly vivid 2D animated vehicles that you can't miss. Show off your driving talent in this game now!

Your goal in Off Road Overdrive is to steer large trucks past difficult obstacles and dangerous mud pits. Every turn requires dexterity, endurance, and a close watch on the time.

Conquer a variety of terrains in the Challenge mode, such as Snow, Beachwear, Field, Desert, and Dark Night. Try your mettle in the 2D platformer stages that will challenge your ability to drive to the maximum

Anyone can get in and enjoy the action-packed gameplay thanks to the simple controls that only require two buttons. Learn the skill of maintaining vehicle balance while you drive across slick hills, sand-filled beaches, uneven terrain, wide-open deserts, and gloomy evenings.

Regardless of your level of experience, Off Road Overdrive caters to both casual gamers and ardent racing fans. Take on the exhilaration of off-road racing and pursue excellence in each mode like never before.

Put your foot down, apply the brakes as necessary, and be ready for an incredible ride! To reach new heights or make a safe landing, never forget to keep your balance while in the air.

Are you prepared to take the wilderness by storm and show off your driving prowess? Take off on the ultimate off-road adventure by playing Off Road Overdrive right now!

Tips: When in the air, maintain your equilibrium by pressing the accelerator to ascend and the brake to descend.

How to play

  • To accelerate, press and hold the accelerator.
  • To stop, apply the brake.
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