Winter Race 2


Winter Race 2 puts you behind the wheel on difficult winter routes and demanding testing grounds. As a seasoned driver, you are encouraged to test these new tracks and provide feedback. Choose from a varied range of vehicles, such as the Lincoln, VAZ 2107, Dodge, Cybertruck, and BMW M3. Not every automobile is available from the start; you must earn money on the track before unlocking additional vehicles. Ready to hit the road? Let's go!

The game has three entertaining modes: winter race, track, and test field. In Winter fight, you'll navigate icy tracks and fight against the clock, while Track mode has exhilarating racing on several circuits. If you want to learn more about your car's capabilities, visit the Test Field, where you may test your driving talents on several ramps. Each car in the game has actual physical damage, which enhances the immersion experience. The time race option has three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard, assuring a challenge for all drivers.

How to play

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to drive, Spacebar to handbrake
  • Q - left turn signal, E - right turn signal, Z - breakdown, G- slow motion
  • R- record, P- replay, C - change camera view, B - look back, I - on/off engine

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