Winter Minesweeper


Prepare for an icy battle with Winter Minesweeper, the must-play classic winter commando puzzle game! Can you survive the cold and find all the hidden snowballs without sparking an explosion?

In Winter Minesweeper, your goal is to clear a board full with concealed snowballs. Use the numerical clues to determine how many snowballs are near each cell. The snow globe and snowflakes symbols serve as tools, much as flags and mines in regular Minesweeper. Each cell exists in three states: covered, uncovered, and flagged. Covered cells can be clicked, but undiscovered cells cannot, while marked cells indicate potential snowball spots.

Keep in mind that each game grants you only one life, and your initial click is always secure. To reveal a cell, use the left mouse click; toggling the flags, use the right mouse click. Uncovered tiles will show a number that indicates the location of surrounding snowballs or an empty space that may expose nearby tiles.

Refrain from getting overwhelmed by snowballs; consider each one as a full-blown explosion where one hit ends the game. To clear the board without a snowy catastrophe, use your cunning and meticulous planning.

How to play

  • Use your mouse to play.
  • Left-click to uncover a cell.
  • Right-click to place or remove a flag.

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