Winter Gifts


It's impossible to overlook the thrilling Christmas adventure game Winter Gifts. Now, put on your best Santa Claus outfit and go find the lost present boxes!

It's your goal as one of Winter Gifts' most devoted givers to make sure that everyone receives a gift this season. Delivering gifts to everyone by guiding them to a specific button is the new task that each level offers. conquered a number of challenges to get this objective.

There are 27 stages to complete, and as you advance, the challenge gets harder. Navigate the obstacles with cunning to assist Santa in making children's lives happier worldwide. With its magical depiction of the winter festivities, this game is ideal for both girls and boys!

How to play

  • Move with A/D or left/right arrow keys
  • Jump with W/U/X/I or the up arrow key
  • Grab or throw gifts with U/C/O or the spacebar

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