Winter Adventures


Take off on a thrilling wintertime journey with Winter Adventure! Take a lovely evening adventure through a winter wonderland with our tiny skier. Our hero seizes the opportunity as golden stars fall from the sky, skiing back and forth to gather these brilliant riches and deck the Christmas tree.

You'll travel through ever-changing settings with two captivating themes—daylight and moonlight night. While avoiding enormous snowballs that could freeze the skier, you can use your mouse to steer him and collect stars. Though there are points and happiness associated with each star, there are unforeseen hazards that may be found on the slopes.

Scoop up the hot coffee cups that emerge on the left or right to keep your skier warm and inspired. Your ability to unlock toys to decorate your Christmas trees increases as you play longer and accumulate more stars. Enter the store, give your trees a little TLC, and enjoy the holidays in style!

Thrilled by the prospect of an exciting and fun-filled winter adventure? Let's get going!

How to play

  • Use your mouse to control the skier.
  • Collect falling stars to earn points.
  • Avoid huge snowballs to stay unfrozen.
  • Grab hot coffee for energy boosts.
  • Visit the store to buy decorations and dress up your Christmas trees.

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