Gorilla Adventure


In Gorilla Adventure, take a brave gorilla with you on an exciting journey! Enter the realm of contemporary science and get fully immersed in this exciting adventure that will test the limits of your endurance.

You'll assume the character of a determined gorilla overcoming difficult obstacles in Gorilla Adventure. As you lead the powerful primate over obstacles, watch out for a twist. An additional layer of difficulty is created by an immovable iron box that restricts your movements. This monkey requires extraordinary dexterity and talent to easily learn its moves.

It's simple to understand your goal in Gorilla Adventure: use the gorilla's hand-held hammer to help it scale tall, complicated constructions. Your ability to use the hammer forcefully and deftly will determine how successful you are. Is it possible for you to conquer every challenge and win this thrilling race?

Gorilla Adventure boasts amazing graphics and painstaking attention to detail, making it an experience you won't soon forget. How far will you go in this exciting journey to test your limits? Go for it!

How to play

Use your mouse to navigate and play Gorilla Adventure.

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