Snowland Adventure


Take off on an exciting adventure with Snowland Adventure, a captivating game that guarantees fun and excitement at every turn! Step into a chilly island where frigid winds howl and riches lie in wait. It's your job? Win a number of difficult stages full of enemies and obstacles, such as the cunning Pengu, the slick Seal, and the nimble Bird.

Use the straightforward keyboard controls to guide your character through dangerous situations. Develop your directional key usage skills and learn how to jump with the spacebar. Outwit opponents, jump over chasms, climb icy barriers, and collect treasures scattered across every level. As you go, be prepared for increasing difficulties as you demonstrate your strategic and platforming abilities.

With its alluring cold adventure, Snowland Adventure entices players to explore its hidden treasures and defeat its icy foes. For more frost-kissed thrills, check out Snowball IO Guys and Snowboard Girl if you're craving similar frigid adventures. Adventurer, it's game on!

How to play

  • Use arrow keys or WASD to move
  • L/x to throw
  • K/Z to attack
  • S/ down to spin
  • W/ Up to climb.
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