Snowball War 3D


Prepare for an amazing snowball fight in Snowball War 3D, where you and your friends will face off against opponents in huge snow battles! Dive into this exciting arcade game situated in a gorgeous alpine village covered with gleaming snow. Collect points, smash records, and reach the top of the leaderboard!

Before each match in Snowball War 3D, select one of two powerful boosts to increase your damage or health. To keep track of your foes and allies, use the minimap in the lower left corner. Use agile rolling movements to evade incoming snowballs, but be careful—getting hit too many times can obscure your eyesight! Avoid friendly fire to keep your team strong.

In Snowball War 3D, alter the graphics quality with a single key press and try to gain the most points within the time limit to secure your team's victory. Gain experience to advance your rank and unlock achievements for amazing rewards!

How to play

  • Move using WASD or arrow keys.
  • To pick up and throw a snowball, use R and LMB, respectively.
  • To perform a somersault, press C, and to jump, use the spacebar.
  • Run: press left shift.

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