Snowball Dash


With Snowball Dash, the ultimate arcade game that will put your reflexes and agility to the test, set out on an exciting snowy adventure! The goal is straightforward: roll your snowball down the mountainside while dodging obstacles. But be warned—there will be many obstacles on the way!

Your snowball will gradually get bigger as you make your way over the ice terrain, making it harder to control. Avoid obstacles in your way including rocks, trees, and other obstacles by using your fast thinking and precision left and right arrow keys. If you make a mistake, your snowball will break and you will have to start your icy plummet over.

Feel the rush of progress with every successful dodge as you descend down into the icy chasm. How far can you roll before you are overcome by the obstacles? Put your abilities to the test and discover if you have what it takes to climb the mountain!

SnowBall Adventure and Snowfall are ready to bring gamers unlimited hours of snowbound enjoyment if they're itching for more icy challenges. So grab your gear, get in position, and get ready for the biggest Snowball Dash yet! To what extent are you willing to go?

How to play

In order to manipulate the snowball, press left or right.

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