Snow Crush


The objective of Snow Crush is to move a rolling snowball forward while dodging obstacles and gathering more snow along the way.

Your goal in this never-ending snow-running game is to collect dazzling ice shards and make your snowball as big as you can. Launch a small snowball and roll it down a snow-covered mountain, gathering more snow to make it bigger.

You'll face a number of obstacles as you roll. There are many impediments in the forest, including trees, rocks, and even living things like bears and squirrels. These obstacles have the power to shatter your snowball if it isn't large enough. But when you become bigger, you can just roll over them and eat anything in your path. Remain alert, try not to shatter your snowball, and get the best score you can. How big of a snow globe can you make?

How to play

  • Mouse: Navigation
  • LMB (Left Mouse Button): Interaction / Select
  • Arrow Keys: Move

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