Snow Trial


Grab your board and show off your ultimate skiing abilities in Snow Trial, a skiing simulation game you can't miss. With its simple yet captivating gameplay and top-notch graphics, Snow Trial promises hours of thrilling entertainment.

Depending on your inclination, start by selecting your character: a skier or snowboarder. After choosing, a sizable map with 77 ski runs—each with their own difficulties and special challenges—will become accessible. Press the first run button to start your journey.

You'll see a stats table with your character that displays things like speed, braking, and transitions. Increasing these metrics will enable you to profit more from each run. You can unlock new, cooler characters or upgrade your current one as you advance.

Pay attention to the slope during the races to prevent slipping off the edge. Gather the coins that are strewn over the map to access new characters and tools. Savor the excitement of the slopes and strive to reach the different awards that await you at the conclusion of every run.

How to play

  • Up arrow key to race
  •  Down arrow key to brakes
  •  Left and right keys to lean.

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