Snow Cleaner


The city is completely paralyzed due to heavy snowfall, and your task in Snow Cleaner is to help everyone by operating a snowplow to clear the pathways!

In Snow Cleaner, players control a Jeep over cold landscapes, drive through snow-covered highways, and gather snow along with other supplies. As you do tasks and collect snow, you can build stations and improve the performance of your SUV by unlocking new cars.

Watch out for roving snowmen and people who will begin hurling snowballs at you from a distance. When you can, destroy them to avoid damaging your car. To enter new villages, gather valuable materials such as crystals and blocks of ice. Employ assistants to remove obtrusive snowmen from the streets.

How to play

  • Use the WASD keys, arrow keys, or mouse to play the game.

Immerse yourself in this engaging adventure that combines the thrill of SUV driving games with enjoyable winter activities. If you seek more excitement, Clean Road 3D and Snow Storm are similar games that you shouldn’t miss!

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