Clean Road 3D


Clean Road 3D is going to be a cold task, so bundle up and get ready! Take control of a powerful snowplow and drive across the icy streets of a city coated with snow. It's your responsibility to clear a way through the winter wonderland as the town's dependable road cleaner so that the eager residents who are itching to explore can use the roads.

Players are on a mission-packed adventure against the backdrop of a freezing winter landscape in this captivating driving game. Handle your customized snowplow through hazardous terrain that is dotted with obstacles. It is outfitted with the best snow-clearing equipment. Your objective? Make a way for the people who want to escape their snowbound constraints.

With its exciting solo experience, Clean Road 3D allows users to take on difficult road-clearing tasks at their own speed. As you advance, you can unlock new features and improve your snow-clearing talents by upgrading your reliable snowplow. Prepare to accelerate your vehicles and set out on an unparalleled icy journey!

Are you prepared to welcome the cold's call? Seize the mouse or arrow keys and start interacting with the game. Do you feel up to the task? Together, let's smash through those snowdrifts and clear the path for success!

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How to play

Use your mouse or arrow keys to navigate through the icy terrain and clear the snow-covered roads. 

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