Snow Chase


Ahead of the greatest snowmaking competition in Snow Chase, get ready! Can you outshine tough rivals and roll the largest snowballs in a race to win?

Play: The idea behind the game is straightforward: roll quicker than your rivals and cross the finish line first. However, don't let the simplicity deceive you—the competition is fierce, and winning this thrilling race will require razor-sharp attention. Snow Chase promises endless hours of wintry pleasure with its carnival ambiance and captivating gameplay!

Snow Chase is easy to join but challenging to master. Use keyboard controls to steer your snowball along the track, dodging obstacles and pushing aside rival snowballs to maintain your lead. Remember, speed is key - be the fastest racer and claim the top spot on the podium!

Tips and tricks:

  • Advice and Techniques: Steer clear of collisions to maintain your momentum and lead the group.
  • To keep your pace, become an expert at smoothly navigating corners.
  • To pass opponents and gain the lead, use quick bursts of acceleration.

But wait, there's more! Snow Chase is just the beginning of your snow-filled adventure. Explore other thrilling games like Snowsnaps, Keymon Ache Snowboard Challenge, and Glacier Rush. The excitement awaits - let's hit the slopes and start racing now!

How to play

Use your mouse to navigate through the game and control your snowball with precision.

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