Keymon Ache Snowboard Challenge


Get ready to unleash your inner daredevil in Keymon Ache Snowboard Challenge! This exciting game is the ultimate test for winter sports enthusiasts. Strap on your snowboard and prepare for an epic ride as you navigate through thrilling obstacles and breathtaking landscapes.

In Keymon Ache Snowboard Challenge, the player's task is to control a small monkey skiing through snow-covered terrain. But your mission doesn't stop there, you need to steer your character to avoid obstacles that appear on the way, speeding up or slowing down if necessary. The agility of your hands will be the key to helping you overcome these challenges easily. Lose a life for each obstacle you encounter, but don't worry, you have five lives to spare.

Keep your eyes on the screen and your wits sharp to rack up points and leave your competitors in the dust. But be warned, losing all your lives means facing the dreaded library – a fate no one wants to encounter.

So, gear up and get ready to conquer the slopes in Keymon Ache Snowboard Challenge. Success awaits those who dare to take on the challenge! And if you want to find more thrills, don't forget to check out Glacier Rush and Bayblade Snowboarding for more action-packed adventures. Get ready to shred!

How to play

Hit the jump (heaps of snow) and do tricks to score points. While in mid-air press:

  • A to do a 180
  • S to do a flip
  • D to do a side kick.

The more tricks in one jump, the more points. But, make sure you complete your tricks before you land, or else you will end up in a huge wipe out. Also, the more successive jumps you have without hitting an obstacle, the more points you win.

  • Use the mouse to direct the character to move left and right.
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