Glacier Rush


Enter the frosty wilderness of Glacier Rush, where nimbleness is crucial for conquering obstacles. In this game, players embody intrepid adventurers navigating perilous terrains like icy glaciers, deep crevices, frosty waterfalls, and menacing snowmen. Your objective: leap, slide, and evade hindrances to push the limits of their journey. Can you claim the title of top scorer?

Immerse yourself in Glacier Rush's stunning visuals and authentic wintry ambience for an immersive gaming experience. With adjustable difficulty levels catering to both novices and seasoned survival enthusiasts, Glacier Rush ensures a thrilling challenge for all. Explore similar captivating titles like Downhill Dash, Puffy AmiYumi Snowboard, and Smurfy Snowboard. Let the expedition commence!

How to play

Use arrow keys to navigate - Press C to switch camera perspectives.

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