Santa Rush


Santa Claus is on his journey to prepare gifts, but the path is blocked by snow and obstacles in Santa Rush. Join this fascinating game and help Santa collect all of the gifts on time!

The Story

Winter is here, and Santa Claus has begun his usual assignment to prepare gifts. Today, he had planned a journey to Sweet Valley, but his sleigh broke down. Santa must now race to gather all of the gifts in time! He's determined to collect a mountain of traditional Christmas confectionery since children enjoy sweets, and he wants to make their holidays memorable. It's time for Santa to hunt for sweets!

Your Mission

Help Santa collect candy placed around snow-capped platforms. Guide him as he runs and jumps over obstacles, keeping him from falling into the nothingness. Keep an eye out for harmful traps, such as retractable spikes on the cliff. To escape these traps, try landing on the borders of platforms rather than the middle. To help Santa succeed, travel the most distance and collect the most candies possible.

How to play

  • Jump. To have Santa get over obstacles and gaps, use your mouse or the space bar.

Many additional fun and festive games await you, including Santa Claus Biker, Santa Run, and Glacier Rush. Enjoy and have a wonderful time helping Santa this Christmas season!

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