Santa Run


Welcome to the beautiful ice and snow land of Christmas in Santa Run! Have you ever thought you would become a good Santa Claus? This game will put you in the main role of this famous character. When Santa Claus was trying to complete the final preparations for the important holiday, something went wrong. A raccoon has secretly taken all of his precious candy canes and is trying to escape. The adventure of Santa Run also starts here.

The player's mission in this challenge is to navigate the character to avoid complex obstacles along the way. Vehicles and barriers always cause trouble that can make your character dizzy. If a direct collision occurs, your round will end. Besides, you should collect the candy canes that the raccoon drops from the punctured bag to unlock outstanding features. In addition, you need to pay attention to some special items that can help your Santa increase his strength with each jump or move in the air.

How to play

Remember that you cannot let your guard down because the character's speed is uncontrollable. Gamers need to quickly detect a safe path ahead and use the arrow keys to control the character. Specifically:

  • Move side by side: the left and right arrows.
  • Jump up: the up arrow.
  • Slide down: the down arrow.
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