Run Panda Run


Experience the enchanting winter forest blanketed in snow in Run Panda Run with an adorable panda. Join a mini marathon with these charming creatures and showcase your agility now.

In Run Panda Run, the panda sprints forward automatically, and your goal is to guide him through the path by avoiding and overcoming various obstacles. Simply click on the screen at the right moments to jump over different barriers. The panda needs to leap over playful penguins and snowmen, cross shaky wooden bridges, and collect gold coins for extra points. Your score, displayed at the top of the screen, increases as you run and gather coins.

Strive to cover the greatest distance possible. Each new run offers a chance to improve your performance, extend your running distance, and break your previous records. This game is a true test of endurance and determination. Enjoy the game and good luck!

How to play

  • Use your mouse to navigate the game.

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