Snail Bob 6


Snail Bob 6: Winter Story follows Snail Bob on a brave trip through a snowy winter wonderland to rescue his kidnapped grandfather. Are you prepared for this fascinating and hard adventure?

One freezing winter day, Snail Bob receives a troubling message from the villainous Mr. Green, who has kidnapped Bob's grandfather. With determination in his heart and a winter coat on his back, Bob embarks on a fresh adventure to save his grandfather.

In the latest episode of the popular puzzle series, your goal is to guide Snail Bob through 25 intriguing levels. Each level contains a unique problem that you must solve to secure Bob's safe passage. Navigate through various obstacles and use buttons, levers, and moving platforms to clear a route. Can you activate elevators, unlock doors, and modify the surroundings to avoid deadly traps and ravenous predators?

Each level also contains three stars. Collect all of them to unlock fun mini-games and bonus levels. Only by collecting all of the stars will you be able to unlock these special challenges, so keep a lookout!

How to play

  • Use your mouse to interact with objects around each level.
  • Press '1' to change Snail Bob's direction.
  • Press '2' to accelerate.
  • Press the spacebar to make him stop.

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