Generator Rex Snowboard


Generator Rex Snowboard is a must-play online skiing game if you have a strong interest in the sport. This new experience of skiing—are you ready?

In Generator Rex Snowboard, you will navigate Rex while skiing. However, on the way, there were many rocks that hindered his skiing. And your task in this game is to help him overcome them by jumping up. Your job is extremely simple: you will use the mouse or spacebar to help him jump. Accurately timing your jumps is the key to helping you overcome the challenges in this game. Jumping earlier or later will result in you hitting a rock. Every time you hit a rock, you will have to start over. So be very careful with each of your jumps.

Besides, along the way, there are also many bonus points that you can collect. Try to collect as many bonuses along the way, as you will receive extra points that will aggregate the final points for the distance you have progressed. If you do well and collect more points, you can have a chance to be among the best players. Can you become the best player in this game?
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How to play

  • Use your mouse or spacebar to jump.
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