Downhill Snowboard 3


You may have an exhilarating snowboarding experience with Downhill Snowboard 3, which is challenging and not for the weak of heart. Now that you have your ski gear, let's begin this thrilling excursion. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey downwards!

You'll be mesmerized by the breathtakingly beautiful snow-covered mountainous landscape in Downhill Snowboard 3. Your goal? Take charge of a courageous snowboarder and sprint down steep hills while learning different techniques to gain points and enhance your riding experience. To keep you on your toes, this installment has new music and an expanded trick repertoire. 

Equip your snowboarder with a variety of accessories that can be bought with in-game points. Just pure snowboarding fun—no money needed! Use the ASXZ keys to unleash even more amazing acrobatics as you speed down the mountain and perform fearless flips and spins. Avalanches, however, can provide an additional degree of excitement and peril.

Are you able to unlock every track and overcome every slope? Try your skills at snowboarding and try to win the title of best snowboarder!

How to play

  • Arrow Keys: Move sideways, bend, and jump
  • ASXZ Keys: Perform tricks for extra points

Dive into Downhill Snowboard 3 and don’t forget to check out our other thrilling skiing games like Ski Master 3D, Trysil Twintip, and Ski Jump FRVR. Start playing now!

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