ZigZag Snow Mountain


In ZigZag Snow Ski, go on an exciting adventure with Jack, the brave skier! You must manage the twists and turns for as long as you can in this exhilarating unlimited arcade skiing game set against the gorgeous Alpine slopes.

Easy to learn, ZigZag Snow Ski is a simple yet captivating game. Jack zigzags up the mountain, only needing a tap to the left or right to stay on course. Its simplicity, however, should not be taken for granted; the slopes are dotted with gaps and impediments that must be avoided with exact time. Experience the thrill of gliding around a stunning mountain landscape, avoiding obstacles and gathering snowfall for further stability.

ZigZag Snow Ski is an endless runner that captivates you with its unwavering pace and constantly shifting obstacles. With the crystals you find throughout the route, you can unlock new characters and attempt to beat your previous high score on each run.

With a wide variety of characters to pick from, each with a distinct look and attitude, the game offers countless opportunities for entertaining personalization. There's a character just waiting for you to hit the slopes, regardless of your level of experience.

However, the journey doesn't stop there. Explore exhilarating experiences such as Snowland Adventure and Snow War.io to uncover an exciting world just waiting to be explored. So grab your skis and head to ZigZag Snow Ski's slopes!

How to play

Use a mouse to control.

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