Traffic Light Simulator 3D


In Traffic-Light Simulator 3D, you may take on the role of a genuine traffic navigator and control the flow of vehicles through a busy city intersection.

You'll be able to manipulate traffic lights in this colorful 3D metropolis. In order to guarantee smooth traffic flow through the intersection, stop signs and crosswalks are installed. But as the city comes to life all around you, be ready. Handling rush-hour traffic, emergency vehicles, and unforeseen circumstances like accidents or road closures will require you to remain alert.

With a range of vehicles navigating the streets, including trucks, cars, buses, and bicycles. The demands of various road users must be balanced while preserving efficiency and safety. Can you maintain a smooth traffic flow despite the mounting challenges?

For those who enjoy problem-solving, traffic management, and urban planning, Traffic Light Simulator 3D provides an exciting and demanding experience with its simple controls and dynamic weather. Your decision-making abilities and reflexes will be put to the test as each level presents fresh challenges and chances.

Do you feel up to the task? Let's investigate!

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How to play

To play this game, use your mouse. 

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