Surfer Cat


Surf with the adorable cat in Surfer Cat through dangerous waters to collect seashells and dodge rocks that appear on the sea surface. Get ready for this exciting surfing session now!

In this exciting Surfer Cat game, players will play the role of a funny cat on a journey to surf the ocean looking for seashells in the sea. However, it is not simply surfing, players must skillfully overcome rocks and other obstacles that appear on the way. If the player hits these obstacles, the skateboard will break in half and the game ends. The higher the level will bring you more interesting and difficult challenges.

In Surfer Cat, the key to successfully overcoming these challenging obstacles is quick reflexes to be able to guide the cat through the obstacles as quickly as possible. Move the cat left or right to avoid rocks and other sea creatures. Remember that your goal is the seashells, collect as many seashells as possible and don't forget to ensure safety.

How to play

  • Use your mouse to play this game.

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