Bird Surfing


In the thrilling 3D game Bird Surfing, which will put your abilities and reaction time to the test, get ready to take flight! Take in a world of breathtaking graphics and lifelike mechanics as you soar through colorful landscapes.

The task at hand is straightforward: maneuver your bird through the rings in order to get the best score. But don't let the ease of use deceive you—the difficulty increases as you go through the stages. Your ability to respond quickly will be tested to the maximum as challenges arise.

Keep your bird soaring high by navigating through tight spaces and tall trees. Your score rises with each ring you successfully go through. Can you surpass your own record and win the title of greatest Bird Surfer?

In order to soar in Bird Surfing, extend your wings. To what extent is your flight range?

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How to play

Use arrow keys, WASD or mouse to play this game.

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