Snow Rally


Snow Rally is a fun racing game in which you manage your vehicle through ice and snowy terrain. Show off your best driving talents as you navigate difficult terrain and experience the thrill of winter racing.

Snow Rally offers the ideal balance of speed and precision. The game requires you to master both as you speed along snow-covered highways. The game's realistic driving mechanics allow you to drive skillfully in some of the world's coldest and harshest environments.

Enjoy a range of modes and difficulty settings for an exciting and diverse gaming experience. Each level demands dexterity, precision, and fast thinking. Immerse yourself in the game's breathtaking sights and exhilarating music. Easy-to-use controls offer a fun gaming experience. Choose your vehicle, customize it to fit your driving style, then enter the race. As you continue, you'll unlock many automobiles and improvements. Customize your vehicle to dominate snow racing tracks.

How to play

  • Accelerate by pressing the right key and use the left key to reverse. 

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