Puppy Ride


In Puppy Ride, you'll embark on an adventure with an adorable pink dog, navigating challenging roads and collecting coins. Strive to travel as far as possible in this engaging game!

In Puppy Ride, the pink dog is a novice driver who needs your assistance to traverse beautiful yet perilous roads. Your mission is to help him conquer endless levels, drive skillfully, and amass as much money as you can. The gameplay is straightforward and easy to grasp, but can you reach the farthest distance on this journey?

As you drive in Puppy Ride, you'll encounter obstacles along the way. Begin the game by selecting a car and using the arrow keys to move forward. You'll find treasure chests in the sky that release coins, which you should collect to buy new cars. However, beware of sudden bombs that can end your game, and mind the gaps in the path that you must overcome to avoid restarting.

How to play

  • Use the left arrow key or 'A' to brake.
  • Press the right arrow key or 'S' to accelerate.

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