Snow Mountain Driving


As you drive through a snowy woodland, Snow Mountain Driving provides an exhilarating new experience. Could you seize the wheel and start this voyage with enough bravery? The icy roads of a land covered in snow are only surmountable by the most adept drivers. Maintaining complete focus on the steering wheel is essential when driving on snow and ice, as opposed to dry asphalt.

See how the difficulty level triples when you switch to first-person view for an even bigger challenge. Look for cracks, ramps, and challenges to conquer as you explore the metropolis.

The capability to get out of your car and observe it from various perspectives is one of the fascinating new features. Take advantage of the free city transportation to explore the enormous trampolines, ramps, and other attractions while navigating the winter landscape. Await a free journey across the wintry scenery!

How to play

  • Drive: Use WASD
  • Turn Signals: Q/E
  • Blinker: Z
  • Pick a Car: O
  • Get in Car: F
  • Jump/Handbrake: Spacebar
  • Fast Running/Acceleration: Shift
  • Change Camera: V
  • Motor On/Off: I
  • Pause: P

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