Sky Ski


Demonstrate your mastery of skiing by guiding your ski character downhill and dodging hazards that arise in Sky Ski. How much further can you take this challenge?

You will go through a snow-covered winter paradise in this difficult Sky Ski game. In this game, the player's mission is to change into a character and go downhill skiing. You encounter roadblocks in the form of trees and rocks when traveling downhill. Your objective is to descend without running into any of the impediments that arise. The game is over if you run into any obstacles.

The controls for Sky Ski are extremely straightforward: you only need to move the player left and right to avoid hazards while they glide down the slope automatically. The game also ends if the character falls off the slide. Your speed rapidly increases as you descend, thus in order to live, you must have quick reflexes and cunning actions.

How to play

  • Use left/right arrow keys or your mouse to control.

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