Sky Diver


In the exhilarating sports game Sky Diver, you control your avatar while they fly. Utilize the force of gravity by diving from high altitudes in the sky all the way down to the Earth's surface. The primary objective is to navigate through rings that materialize in the air while trying to line up the center of each ring with your character. Your score will increase the closer you are to the center!

Sky Diver offers you an experience unlike anything you've ever had before with its stunning graphics and straightforward but engrossing gameplay. Players of all ages can easily enjoy the game because to its intuitive control scheme and spectacular visuals. You'll be fully absorbed in the thrilling task of honing your skydiving techniques. You'll want to keep playing since it's a game of timing and accuracy.

How to play

  • Simply use your mouse to navigate and control your character as they float through the air. 

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