Paw Patrol: Snow Slide


In Paw Patrol: Snow Slide, take part in a thrilling rescue mission with the Paw Patrol squad!

You must assist Everest and Rubble in rescuing the penguin village after a snowstorm destroys everything. Are you up for the challenge?

First, assist Everest in skiing down the mountain to find the five missing penguins. Solve these three entertaining puzzles to bring the penguin family back together. Jake is lost on the other side of a broken bridge, and just when you think the adventure is done, there's another emergency call!

Now let Rubble have a turn. To collect the five necessary gear parts to fix the bridge, snowboard down the mountain. To begin the repairs, line up the forms with the bridge's outlines. Be cautious over stones and puddles! Get enough pink badges, and Skye will surprise you by flying you over obstacles to make your quest easier.

Rubble's rucksack has all the tools you need to fix the bridge and save Jake. Enjoy yourself and best of luck!

How to play

  • Use the spacebar to help Everest jump.
  • Collect 5 rewards to speed up.
  • Skye Tag = Help Everest/Rubble cross the void.

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