In IStunt, the ultimate 2D snowboarding experience, get ready to hit the slopes and have hours of fun! With 25 bizarre levels full of exhilarating hurdles and mind-blowing stunts, IStunt pushes players to overcome its addictive gameplay and realistic physics.

IStunt provides nonstop action and excitement, whether your goal is to beat the clock in Time Trial Mode or score big in Stunt Mode. However, beware of gravity reversal fields, which will test your ability to rotate your gadget 180 degrees in order to stay on course!

Assume control of your skier and glide through half pipes, hills, slopes, and more while executing incredible acrobatics to get points. Gather the golden stars strewn all over each level to improve your rating and move up the leaderboard.

With simply a swipe or tilt of your tablet, you may accelerate, jump, and flip. The controls are really straightforward. But exercise caution—one incorrect move could end the game! Whether you're learning special tricks or performing a tail or nose grab. There are heart-pounding thrills and thrilling challenges at every turn in IStunt.

So grab your snowboard and get ready for an incredible ride at IStunt! Can you master the hills and win the title of supreme snowboarding champion? With titles like Puffy AmiYumi Snowboard, Smurfy Snowboard, and Generator Rex Snowboard, get ready for an equally thrilling encounter. Prepare to take on an amazing ride on the slopes!

How to play

  • To air to fakie, use key 3.
  • Use key 1 to grip the nose
  • Use key 2 to grasp the tail.
  • Wheely with the down arrow.
  • To use special trick 1, press four keys.
  • To use special trick 2, press key 5.
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