Getting Over It


In Getting Over It, a game that will test your ability, endurance, and resolve like never before, set off on a trip unlike any other. You have to lead your character through a dangerous environment full of traps and obstacles with just a hammer.

Although the gameplay might appear straightforward at first, success depends on your ability to manipulate your hammer. You must make your way through a maze of stacked things, including chairs, tables, enormous apples, and floating boulders. Every step counts.

You move yourself forward, backward, upward, or downward with each swing of the hammer, taking use of your surroundings. However, use caution—one mistake could force you to start over from scratch, putting your fortitude and will to the test.

As you advance, you'll realize how crucial it is to become proficient in all aspects of the game, including arm length and hammer weight. Being adaptable is essential when you take on new challenges and discover how to use your resources to get over even the most difficult roadblocks.

Getting Over It delivers an innovative level design and distinctive gameplay features that will challenge you to go above and beyond in a gaming session. Are you prepared to take on the task and establish your value? Start playing now to find out if you have what it takes to succeed in Getting Over It. For your next exhilarating thrill journey, don't forget to check out Gorilla Adventure if you're ravenous for more.

Develop your swinging and climbing skills to scale new heights and overcome challenges. Good luck!

How to play

To lead your character past the obstacles in the game, simply use your mouse to operate the hammer.

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